Friday, April 17, 2015

#TBT: Josue Lopez

Yesterday we were supposed to start the new section #tbt... but meh... one of our editors slept way too much. Anyway we will try to remember some of the first posts once in a while :)

So here's for remembering our first post... Josue Lopez from Costa Rica

Josue Lopez, male model from Costa Rica

Josue Lopez, male model and contestant of the Costa Rican TV Show Combate

Costa Rica is often viewed as unique among Latin American nations because its contemporary political institutions have evolved from a colonial tradition of egalitarian rural life (John Booth).

Costa Rica has the oldest long-standing democracy in Latin America and has had presidential elections since 1949.

Costa Rica and Central America, a region full of beauty, including its inhabitants.

Today we bring you Josue Lopez J a hot man from Costa Rica

Josue Lopez baring it all

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