Thursday, March 26, 2015

Male strippers in Costa Rica - Strippers masculinos en Costa Rica: Iceman

Male stripper Iceman from Costa Rica

Meet Steve Montenegro or his stage name: Iceman. He is a male dancer and stripper from Costa Rica. This is our first post about a stripper.

Nude male stripper from Costa Rica (censored image)


Conoce a Steve Montenegro o su nombre en escena: Iceman. Es un stripper de Costa Rica. No podemos incluir todas sus fotos debido que no publicamos contenido adulto.

Some very hot photos after the jump!

Stripper masculino Iceman de Costa Rica, desnudo tomando una ducha

Stripper tico desnudo (imagen censurada)

We cannot include all his photos as we don't publish adult material on this blog.


  1. If you follow the tag ASS it really shows you some nice photos

  2. Please create a link for nude pictures which you cannot show here or keep censored.
    Thank you