Saturday, March 28, 2015

Male beauty in Costa Rica: Anthony Perez by OSPhotography

Anthony Perez. Male model from Costa Rica

Did you know that...

1. Costa Rica is only 0.03% of the planet's surface but contains 5% of its biodiversity
2. Costa Rica became the first country with zero carbon emissions to produce its energy this year!!
3. Costa Rica lifestyle is called "pura vida" that has no literal translation but means something like "live life to the fullest" or "just live"

For this and more we want to spread good news about this little country and its neighbors in Central America. Today we show you some photos of Anthony Perez by the great Photography Company OS Photography.


¿Sabías qué...?

1. Costa Rica es solo el 0.03% de la superficie del planeta pero contiene 5% de la biodiversidad
2. Costa Rica se convirtió en el primer país del mundo con cero emisiones de carbono para producir su energía este año!!
3. El estilo de vida de Costa Rica es llamado "Pura Vida" que no tiene traducción literal al inglés

singlet photo

This beautiful tico is an emergent male model and OS Photography did an amazing job to highlight all the beauty of this guy :)

Much more photos after the jump!

OS Photography did a great job playing with the lights, shadows and water on this photo-shoot.

A yellow singlet to show the model's beauty

Guapo chico costarricense

Lycra Photo Shoot in Costa Rica

Hot wrestling singlet Costa Rica

Costa Rica is beautiful :)


  1. Thanks for the high resolution photos. I'm loving these ticos! SO HOT. Reminds me of the guys I saw in Venezuela :P

  2. handsome vamos Tony!

  3. y la belleza empieza, obviamente, con Anthony Perez...