Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hot Bodybuilder from Nicaragua: Jorge Callejas

Today we go back to the land of lakes and volcanoes, Nicaragua. Jorge Callejas is a professional bodybuilder from this Central American country. He has a great body and has won multiple competitions in Nicaragua, Central America and also in the South east of the USA competing in Florida.

Hoy vamos de nuevo a la tierra de lagos y volcanes, Nicaragua. Jorge Callejas es un guapo hombre nicaragüense que practica el fisicoculturismo. Jorge tiene un excelente cuerpo y ha ganado competencias en Nicaragua, Centroamérica y en el sureste de Estados Unidos compitiendo en Florida.

Jorge was originally featured in our post Why Costa Rica? Why Central America? and is part of our Central American Hot Guys Series.

Much more photos after the jump including the full resolution of the previous photos. Click below!

Super sexy during the weigh-ins.

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  1. mira la tanga que tiene este tio, nos vamos a Centroamerica @weigner8213