Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hot Man from Nicaragua: Félix Elías Medal - Mister Nicaragua 2013

This hot guy is from Nicaragua. It's all about that bulge bass

During the 80's and 90's the norm was to wear a speedo or sunga at the beaches of Latin America. This trend has changed dramatically and now in most of the countries the surf shorts are the norm (except Brazil and some other places). It's always good to see some guys stick to the good old speedos or sungas.


Durante los 80's y 90's la norma era usar  speedo o sunga en las playas de América Latina. Esta tendencia ha cambiado dramáticamente y ahora en la mayor de los países los pantalones de surf son la norma (excepto Brasil y otros lugares). Es siempre bueno ver que algunos chicos siguen usando los antiguos speedo o sungas.


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  3. es uno de los machos mas ricos del pais sin duda

  4. Is that bulge real? He's a beautiful man